Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Take The Brave Girls Bible Stories Quiz & More Free Stuff

Our daughter took the quiz this morning, 
and she was most like 

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brave Girls Bible Stories- A 5 Book Giveaway

Don't miss the BIG Brave Girls giveaway at the end of this post!  It will be super easy to enter, 
and there will be 5 WINNERS!  
Win one for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter!

A story from my childhood- Where my bravery was lacking.

Standing in the familiar cul-de-sack, I glanced up at my childhood home.  The front porch light lit up the dusk air; soon I would be called in for the night.  I wiggled the cool, soft grass in between my toes.  The setting sun hung still in the horizon.  Its warmth brought me comfort, and my gaze begged it to stay.

I was a simple, shy girl, who craved acceptance and recognition. Many times I was left out of the inner circle of neighboring friendships.  Girls can often be catty and downright mean.  I grew tired of being the third wheel and I found myself retreating more often than engaging.  Why would I want to feel the sting of rejection, once again?  When would I be brave and confident?

There was a particular girl that I especially wanted a friendship with.  She had long, corn silk blonde hair.  She was confident and beautiful.  Nothing intimidated her and she owned the neighborhood.  

She called me over into the center of the cul-de-sack.  I instantly perked up and joined her presence.  The place where the grass lay bare and the dirt mound was high.  Hey, let's play a game.  First of all, she said, we needed to stand back to back.  I could see the neighborhood crush peering out his window at us from across the street.  I thought that was a bit strange, but I shrugged it off.    

And then... in one sweeping second, I found my shorts at my ankles and the echos of laughter emerged.  I had been depants.  This is how the dictionary defines it:

verb (used with object)Slang.

to remove the trousers from, as a joke or punishment.  

I was the brunt of the joke, and the prank was on me.  Again.  Pools of water gathered in my eyes and my cheeks grew flush.  I ran home ashamed and lonely.  When would I have friends?  When would I, be brave?


We all long to be accepted and loved.  To this day, I never want anyone to feel left out or hurt.  A lot of reasons stem from childhood experiences like the story above, but mostly because God's love has triumphed over my shame and hurt.  He has caused a shy, timid little girl to grow up into a brave woman of God, by His grace and strength.  I want that for my little girl.  I'm sure you want the same for your little one, as well.

Maybe your little one hasn't had any traumatic event happen to her yet, but my guess is, she's felt the sting of being left out, scared, or hurt.

What's different about The Brave Girls Bible Stories book?

The Brave Girls Bible Stories book is so unique.  Your little one is sure to connect with one or all five of these brave girls!  Hope, Glory, Faith, Gracie, and Honor are best friends.  They want to share their strengths and struggles as they explore the bible and re-tell the stories of over forty amazing women of God!  Read the stories of Esther, Deborah, Eve, Mary, Rahab, and many more! 

Faith is thoughtful and artistic.
Glory is appreciative of beauty, inside and out.
Gracie is shy but sweet, and oh-so talented!
Hope is a girl who plays hard, and loves everyone.
Honor is smart and caring.

Some truths your young girl might connect with:
  • God loves me even when I mess up
  • God has a plan for me
  • He'll help me do hard things
  • My faith is important to me
  • I can share my faith
Have your daughter take the quick quiz "Which Brave Girl Are You Most Like?"   This will give you an idea of what your child is inspired by.

There is a section in the back called Brave Verses (see full verse list here).

Work on these Bible verses on bravery together!

A letter from the Brave Girls- read here

Preview the Brave Girls Bible Stories - HERE

TO WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK (5 WINNERS), please just leave one comment saying why it is important for young girls to be brave.  

***If for some reason you can't comment here, comment on the facebook post to enter.  Please leave a way for me to reach you!  Winners will be chosen this Saturday, October 4th.

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