Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why I Love Taking Pictures

I hold out camera and set it to focus; hoping to capture the greens and blues and sparkling eyes.  Future tenderness in cherished memories, now held in form of digital glory.  I want to stop time, maybe?  Let the fun, smiles, and dancing hearts freeze in one shuttered click. 

My lens seems to find the good in life.  I don't tend to take pictures of temper tantrums, piles of smelly garbage, or loneliness.  What about after the cover darkens the lens and camera is put on dusty shelf?  After pictures are taken, time doesn't ever freeze.  It keeps on going.  Happy times give way to hurt, once again.  There are tears, and fears, and all the ugliness that a life can find on its front stoop.

I always want to prevent chaos and hurt.  I want to paint cheerful smiles on my children's faces.  I want to take hold of their little hearts and make them obedient and joyful.  But life goes on, and I have no control in such things.  When I am hurt, I am tempted to put my life-camera away.  But, I will continue to look for the bountifulness in God's faithfulness...

His creation

His gift of new life

His goodness and love

His grace and mercy

His compassion

His sovereignty... it really comes down to His sovereignty.  Do I truly believe that God is in control of everything?  My mouth says yes, but sometimes my heart begs to stomp my feet.
I know that buckets full of rain will fall.  That there will be days that bring deep heartache; deep hurts.  But I choose to look for the good and beautiful and hopeful, in each new day.  If I don't make this choice, am I truly living? 

Have you been hurt in life?  Don't let it keep you for looking for the beauty of today.  It's a new day!  Capture some new, beautiful memories, today.  Love deeply.  Give freely.  Live.  Look to the horizon ahead!

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